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An improved assembly for use in techniques wherein substantially rigid shafts are employed for joining opposed segments of a fractured bone, including a clamp characterized by an elongated body of a generally C-shape configuration having a fixed jaw projected laterally from one end thereof, for engaging a fractured bone at a first surface, a bearing sleeve affixed to the opposite end of the body, a movable jaw of a tubular configuration adapted to be fixed within said bearing sleeve in opposed relation with the fixed jaw for engaging the fractured bone at a second surface opposed to said first surface and manually operable means adapted to be received telescopically by the movable jaw and employed for inserting a shaft into the bone.

Assembly for inserting rigid shafts into fractured bones
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January 18, 1974
Publication Date
February 25, 1975
Huene Donald R
Huebner & Worrel
A61f 05/04
A61B 17/88
A61B 19/00
A61B 19/02
A61B 17/16
A61B 17/17
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