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An aiming light and an aiming light adapter combination moulded together rein the aiming light adapter is connected to a weapons adapter, which is in turn locked onto a weapon. A projecting lens is held within the forward end of the aiming light housing by a lens retainer having a transparent window. A removable screw threaded end cap on the back portion of the aiming light housing is used to tighten down on a dry cell battery and an electronic pulser canister. The canister and battery fit snugly around the inside of the aiming light housing with a beveled front end of the canister pressed up against a beveled canister retainer when the end cap is tightened. The beveled canister retainer has a circular aperture through which a light emitting diode, attached to the canister, is passed. The diode is electrically connected to the output of the electronic pulser circuitry. The output light beam from the diode is aligned along the optical axis of the aiming light since the beveled canister retainer prevents any traverse motion of the canister.The aiming light adapter has horizontal and vertical adjusting and locking means for positioning the aiming light beam with respect to the bore alignment of the weapon. The aiming light beam may be of the invisible infrared spectrum for observation by an operator at nighttime when using an infrared sensitive image intensifier, or the aiming light beam may be visible and be observed either at night or during the day be the naked eye.

Aiming light and aiming light adapter for use on a weapon
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April 24, 1973
Publication Date
February 25, 1975
Hacskaylo Michael
Dunmire Howard L
Harwell Max L
Edelberg Nathan
Gibson Robert P
The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Army
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