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A non-pressurized package containing a product, especially a cosmetic product selected from the class consisting of those to be applied to skin and hair, said product comprising two separate compositions which are adapted to be mixed together to form a final heated composition which is dispensed from said package, said package having two separate compartments for separate storage of said two compositions, one of said compartments containing a composition comprising an oxidant in an aqueous medium, and the other of said compartments containing a substantially anhydrous composition which includes a reductant, a water-soluble organic solvent, a compressible gas which is substantially water-insoluble but which is soluble in said organic solvent, said compressible gas existing as a gas at a temperature in the range of ambient temperature to about 70.degree.C. and existing as a liquid at said temperature under superatmospheric pressure, the aforesaid two separate compositions, when admixed, resulting in the release of said compressible gas by reason of the insolubility of said gas in the solution of said organic solvent and said water.

Non-pressurized package containing self-heating products
Application Number
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February 12, 1969
Publication Date
February 18, 1975
Schmitt William H
Wallenstein Spangenberg Hattis & Strampel
Alberto Culver Company
B65d 35/24
B65D 35/00
B65D 35/22
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