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A load-dependent braking device for conveying systems having a primary brake with a fixedly adjusted braking moment and a secondary brake with variable braking moment, the braking moment of the secondary brake being adjusted in dependence on the loading moment acting upon a drive device or machine for the attainment of a braking deceleration or retardation independent of load. A rotatable brake part of the primary brake is rigidly connected with a fixed brake part of the secondary brake. A rotatable brake part of the secondary brake, which can be pressed by brake linings or pads against the fixed brake part through the action of spring pressure, is raised or lifted-off as a function of the change of speed occurring during the braking of the drive machine by a rod or linkage arrangement pressed by means of spring force against a setting cam. The setting cam is arranged on a flywheel or inertial disk mounted to be freely rotatable upon a drive shaft of the drive device and actuates the rod arrangement in proportion to the angle of displacement between the flywheel disk and the drive shaft in opposition to the spring force.

Load-dependent braking device for conveying systems
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July 23, 1973
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February 18, 1975
Greutter Wilfried
Kleeman Werner W
B60t 07/12
F16D 63/00
F16D 59/00
B66B 29/00
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