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A safety-glass windshield has at least one antenna wire imbedded in its plastic core layer. One of the glass lamina is formed with a tapered throughgoing hole having a narrow mouth on the inside surface of the windshield. The antenna wire terminates at the recess formed by this hole and has its end there imbedded in a mass of conductive lacquer. An active-circuit capsule shaped as short cylinder is connected via leads to the car radio and has a plurality of spring feet which fit snugly into the recess while the face of the capsule lies against the windshield over this recess. The feet diverge away from the capsule and have bent-over ends so that the capsule can be plugged into the recess, at least one of the feet forming a connection between the conductive lacqer mass and electronic components within the capsule.

Automotive-vehicle windshield with built-in active-antenna system
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December 5, 1973
Publication Date
February 11, 1975
Weigt Paul
Dubno Herbert
Ross Karl F
Flachglas Aktiengesellschaft Delog Detag
H01q 01/32
H01Q 01/12
B60J 01/02
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