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A process for the continuous production in strip form of sheath containers for packaging materials such as suppositories and the like, comprising a thermowelding of a pair of superposed films of thermoplastic material to form a plurality of non-welded zones transversely to a central non-welded longitudinal zone, and a stage of forming, said non-welded zones by air passing through said longitudinal zone. During the forming phase a non permanent closure of this longitudinal zone is attained by maintaining the closure zone at a temperature less than the thermowelding temperature in order to allow forwarding of the welded portion of the films and prosecution of the drawing through the air passing in said longitudinal non closed zone. An apparatus is further provided for carrying out this method, having a mould in which said non permanent closure is attained.

Method for the production of sheath containers
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October 25, 1972
Publication Date
February 11, 1975
Ferrari Ottavio
Josif Albert
Modiano Guido
B29c 03/00
B29C 49/00
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