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A cobalt/chromium based alloy suitable for use in making dental prostheses and surgical implants, and also for use in making machine parts which are subject to severe corrosive conditions and mechanical loads at high temperatures, comprises by weight, 26 percent to 31 percent chromium, from 4 percent to 6.5 percent molybdenum, up to 2 percent silicon, up to 6 percent maganese, up to 1 percent iron, up to 0.5 percent boron, up to 0.5 percent carbon, from 0.15 percent to 0.5 percent nitrogen, and the remainder cobalt except for impurities, the sum of the carbon and nitrogen contents not exceeding 0.7 percent.

Cobalt chromium based alloy
Application Number
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May 22, 1973
Publication Date
February 11, 1975
Rademacher Leo
Toren McGeady and Stanger
Edelstahlwerk Witten Aktiengesellschaft
C22c 19/00
C22C 19/07
A61K 06/04
A61K 06/02
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