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A humidifier for delivered gases which has a water container with a cover provided with a gas inlet and a gas outlet, both inlet and outlet being further provided with removable tubing adaptors. A gas conveying assembly is within the water container, and includes a delivery tube which adjoins the inlet and which also extends below a diffuser plate to a rebound chamber between the bottom of the water container and the diffuser plate. A plurality of apertures in the diffuser plate have an aggregate area which is substantially equal to the area of the discharge, said apertures being spaced from said discharge in a pattern of aligned linear radial rows and concentric rows. The cover of the humidifier is also provided with a pressure relief valve which opens when predetermined pressure levels are exceeded within the container, and which can be closed in the event high pressure humidification is desired.

Humidifier and heater for delivered gas
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August 2, 1973
Publication Date
February 4, 1975
Giocoechea George
Respiratory Care
A61m 15/00
B01f 03/04
A61M 16/16
A61M 16/10
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