3862790 is referenced by 138 patents and cites 8 patents.

An electrical interconnector for interconnecting individual pads (1) of a first row of pads with corresponding pads (1) of a second row of pads parallel to the first row, which comprises a number of separate parallel conductors (3) running across the space s between the rows of pads, and insulating material 4 retaining the conductors in position relatively to each other, such that the separation p of adjacent conductors in the direction of the rows is less than the dimension a of a pad measured in the same direction. Accurate positioning of the interconnector relatively to the pads is not necessary. Two applications of the interconnector to stacks of insulating boards (2) carrying integrated circuit chips are described, one application also offering the facility of connection to circuits external of the stack.

Electrical interconnectors and connector assemblies
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July 10, 1972
Publication Date
January 28, 1975
Fearnside Kenneth
Lanham Tony Edward
Lynch James Thomas
Hurditch Rodney John
Garner Geoffrey Michael
Davies Terrence Ardern
Scrivener Parker Scrivener & Clarke
Plessey Handel und Investments
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H05K 03/36
H05K 03/32
H01L 23/538
H01L 23/52
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