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An endotracheal tube including a preformed inflatable plastisol balloon telescopically fitted over and secured to a forward end portion of a dual-lumen tube. The inflatable balloon is formed with an elongated forward collar which is fitted onto the dual-lumen tube. The tube and collar are simultaneously severed along a biased cut to provide an open front end of the endotracheal tube. The forward collar and dual-lumen tube are then fused into a generally homogeneous mass to provide a smooth exterior sliding surface at the forward end portion of the endotracheal tube.

Smooth tipped endotracheal tube
Application Number
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April 23, 1973
Publication Date
January 28, 1975
Harautuneian Andrew
Merrick Robert T
Barger Larry N
American Hospital Supply Corporation
A61m 25/00
A61M 16/04
A61M 25/00
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