3862435 is referenced by 6 patents and cites 5 patents.

A digital shift register comprising a series connection of a number of source-followers, the input of each source-follower being connected both to a storage capacitance and to an electronic switch for establishing the reference level at the relevant capacitance. Between the inputs of at least some of the source-followers and the associated clock lines variable capacitances are included. The variable capacitances serve to compensate for the voltage losses occurring the source-followers as a result of the threshold voltages of the transistors employed in said source-followers.

Digital shift register
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August 7, 1973
Publication Date
January 21, 1975
Lambrechtse Cornelis Willem
Boonstra Lieuwe
Salters Roelof Herman Willem
Cohen Simon L
Trifari Frank R
US Philips Corporation
H03k 23/30
G11c 19/00
H01L 27/07
G11C 19/00
G11C 19/18
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