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In the representative embodiments of the new and improved methods and apparatus for testing earth formations disclosed herein, fluid-admitting means are placed into sealing engagement with a potentially-productive earth formation. A first test chamber coupled to the fluid-admitting means is then slowly expanded at a known rate of expansion to induct a minor volume of producible connate fluids, if any, from the formation into the chamber. Thereafter, a second test chamber also coupled to the fluid-admitting means is quickly expanded at a known higher expansion rate to induct a second minor volume of connate fluids into the second chamber. By monitoring the resulting fluid pressures as these first and second samples are successively inducted, reliable surface indications are quickly provided of at least the approximate flow rates at which large-volume samples can be subsequently collected from the earth formation.

Methods and apparatus for testing earth formations
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December 12, 1973
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January 14, 1975
Urbanosky Harold J
Moore Stewart F
Sherman William R
Archambeau Jr Ernest R
Schlumberger Technology Corporation
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