3859000 is referenced by 249 patents and cites 14 patents.

A road construction comprised of a plurality of identical invertible polygonal panels with each panel comprising a plurality of single piece peripheral frame members fixed together to define a polygonal configuration and each of the members having a roughly L-shaped projection extending therefrom which is adapted to be interlocked with an identical projection of an associated member. Each panel also has a pair of load-carrying sheets fixed on opposite sides of its frame members.

Road construction and panel for making same
Application Number
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March 30, 1972
Publication Date
January 7, 1975
Webster John L
Reynolds Metal Company
E01c 05/22
B63B 35/34
E02B 03/06
E01C 05/00
E01D 15/00
E01C 05/22
E01D 15/14
E01C 09/08
E01C 09/00
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