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A flexible endoscope with a laser connected thereto for simultaneous viewing and performance of surgery on the interior stomach wall. A low power laser operating in the visible light range with the laser beam directed to one or more individual fiber optic fibers carried on an endoscope for performing laser surgery within a body cavity from an external position. A protective and replaceable cap for the distal end of the laser fiber.

Fiber optic laser light delivery system
Application Number
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Application Date
April 5, 1974
Publication Date
January 7, 1975
Haverback Bernard J
Dwyer Richard M
Bass Michael
Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley
University of Southern California
A61b 01/06
H01S 03/00
A61B 01/00
A61B 01/12
A61B 18/24
A61B 18/20
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