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An undershirt type garment made of soft, absorbent, cotton-like material, having a front and a rear panel, of the same material, stitched thereto and covering the chest and abdomen areas and the back area of the wearer's torso. Inserted between each of the panels and the portions of the shirt which they cover, is a pad formed of a number of sheets of closely woven, heavy gage nylon thread. The sheets are stitched together and to the shirt generally along their outer edges so that the major portions of the sheets are generally free of positive securement to each other and thus may flex and move to some extent relative to each other. Thus, the garment, in the padded areas, is substantially bullet-proof and yet is lightweight, flexible, non-bulky and perspiration absorbent.

Bullet resistant under garment
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January 7, 1974
Publication Date
December 24, 1974
Davis Richard C
Cullen Settle Sloman & Cantor
F41h 01/02
F41H 01/02
F41H 01/00
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