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The disclosed junction field-effect transistor (FET) has a precisely controlled gate configuration which enables either high power operation or high frequency operation or both. The FET is manufactured by steps including the growing of a first epitaxial layer having a predetermined crystallographic orientation on a substrate to form a drain. Next, a first anisotropic etch of the epitaxial layer provides 'U'-shaped grooves with flat bottoms, therein through which a gate is diffused having internal side walls of uniform depth that define the source-to-drain channel. A second epitaxial layer is then grown on the surfaces of the first epitaxial layer and of the gate to provide a source. A second anisotropic etch exposes a portion of the gate, which also forms an etch stop, to facilitate electrical contact thereto. Current flowing through the channel is controlled in response to an input signal applied between the gate and source which adjusts the thickness of a depletion region extending into the channel.

Vertical channel junction field-effect transistors and method of manufacture
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October 24, 1972
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December 17, 1974
Rhee John
Hays Robert Guy
George William Lloyd
Jones Maurice J
Rauner Vincent J
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H01l 11/14
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