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A transport system for underground mining in which the cars, including the tractor and the trailer cars, have a plurality of supporting wheels in the form of flanged rollers provided with concavely curved surfaces which engage a track consisting of a pair of longitudinally extending convexly curved rails, the flanged rollers being inclined downwardly and outwardly so that only a portion of the roller bears against the cylindrical rail. The rails are carried by eccentric brackets which are secured to ties in the form of upright U-beams. The axles for the rollers are mounted for convenient removal for replacement purposes. The car is made up of a pair of horizontal plates, one of which rotates relative to the other about a central pivot. A cylindrical arm is carried on each side of the swingable plate as support elements. The cars, except for the tractor, are equipped with safety brakes for clamping engagement with the rails, and these are spring urged to braking position, but are retained away from braking position by fluid pressure. A cable traction drive is provided for the tractor, the cable of which is guided between flange rollers mounted on the track between the rails. Also arranged on the track between the rails are idler cable guide rollers.

Mine car transportation system
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January 22, 1973
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December 17, 1974
Hoffmann Dieter
Widiger Hans
Fraser Malcolm W
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