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Test strips are provided for detecting even small amounts of blood or other peroxidatively active substances in body fluids; the strips comprising a carrier containing a hydroperoxide, a chromogen, and as an activator, a compound of the formulaWherein R.sub.1 is a hydrogen atom or a methyl radical and benzene and/or pyridine rings are fused on at least one of the positions indicated with c, (d,e), f and g, provided that two adjacent rings must not simultaneously each contain a cyclic nitrogen atom, and wherein the aromatic compounds (1), apart from the positions indicated by H and R.sub.1, can be substituted by lower alkyl radicals which together can also form a hydroaromatic ring.

Diagnostic test strip for the detection of components of body fluids
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July 3, 1973
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December 10, 1974
Rieckmann Peter
Guthlein Werner
Rey Hans George
Rittersdorf Walter
Burgess Dinklage & Sprung
Boehringer Mannheim
C07d 33/00
G01n 33/16
G01n 31/22
C12Q 01/04
C12Q 01/28
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