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There is disclosed a method of making a metal-oxide silicon field-effect transistor (MOSFET) capable of delivering substantial power (5 to 10 watts) in the microwave frequency range (about 5 Gigahertz) and operating as an amplifier over a wide bandwidth through a reasonably high input impedance exceeding about 5 ohms. The method is practiced with a layered blank of silicon having, say, an N+ substrate on which is a P-layer; there is a second N+ layer on the P-layer. Regions, each having a surface for deposit of a drain, are prepared on the second layer. Grooves are etched undercutting these regions so that they overhang the grooves. The gate and drain electrodes are deposited simultaneously by linear beams of vapor at supplementary angles to the prepared surfaces. The angles and the length of the overhangs are such that the gate electrodes extend only along the projections of the edges of the contiguous P-layers which extend along the groove, minimizing the capacitance between the gate electrode and the other electrodes.There is also disclosed a MOSFET produced in the practice of this invention.

Solid state components
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May 16, 1973
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December 3, 1974
Nathanson Harvey C
Heng Terrence M S
Gutknecht Peter
Hinson J B
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
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