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The invention relates to cementitious building board, such as gypsum board, having reinforcing strips along one or more of its edges. Such strips can be incorporated in such board faced with paper or other sheet material by cutting back the core leaving the edges of the sheets projecting, applying the strip and returning the edges of the sheets, to be adhesively secured to the face of the strip. The edge may have any desired profile but of particular interest is a board or tile having a groove, or kerf along at least two opposite edges of the core, the reinforcing strips being corresponding channel sections with lateral flanges to which the edges of the facing sheets are secured. The reinforced boards are useful in the production of ceilings and walls and, in the case of panels and tiles with kerfed edges, can be mounted by invisible or 'secret' fixing devices.

Cementitious building board with edge reinforcing strips
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July 10, 1972
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November 19, 1974
Gwynne Thomas
Roberts Esq Kenneth E
Hadley Esq Stanton T
Kurlandsky Esq Samuel
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