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A tray unit for vending items of merchandise or the like is provided with automatic merchandise-advancing means which includes a roll of extensible sheet material having a memory which renders it self-winding such that the merchandise items in the tray are automatically shifted forwardly in the tray whenever the normally forwardmost one of the items is removed therefrom. The sheet material is affixed to an elongated roller for self-winding thereabout with the roller having radial end flanges which engage the rearwardmost one of the items in the tray whereby the items therein are biased in the direction of a front rim of the tray thereby maintaining the items disposed to the forward part of the tray. A bottom wall of the tray is provided with a pair of laterally spaced, longitudinal supporting ribs to hold the items spaced from the bottom wall and to minimize the friction between the bottom wall and the items as the latter shift forwardly. The trays are adapted to be used either individually, in stacks, or in a side-by-side relationship and are easily adaptable for use with various sizes and shapes of merchandise items.

Tray unit
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August 8, 1973
Publication Date
November 19, 1974
Smith John W
Schmidt Johnson Hovey & Williams
B65g 01/16
A47f 01/00
A47F 01/12
A47F 01/00
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