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Three units of surgical apparatus for interbody fusion of the spine and method of use. The first unit consists of an intervertebral mortising chisel with the inner drill bit used to remove a block of tissue of specified dimension. The second unit consists of the bone plug cutter with the inner bone plug ejector used to obtain bone plug of the same chosen dimension of the intervertebral mortising chisel unit. The third unit consists of the bone plug injector and the inner bone plug injector rod used to inject bone plug removed from the graft site by the bone plug cutter and placing the bone plug into the bone plug injector where the bone plug can be injected into the space which was originally created by the first unit, the intervertebral mortising chisel.

Method for interbody fusion of the spine
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June 14, 1972
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November 19, 1974
Poulson Don E
Ma Gabriel W C
Geauque Robert E
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B23b 51/08
A61b 17/32
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