3848234 is referenced by 52 patents and cites 9 patents.

A digital data multi-processing system having a main memory operating at a first rate, a plurality of individual processors, each having its own associated cache memory operating at a second rate substantially faster than the first rate for increasing the throughput of the system. In order to control the access of the main memory by one of the plural processors to obtain information which may not be present in its associated cache memory, a Content Addressable Cache Management Table (CACMT) is provided.

Multi-processor system with multiple cache memories
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April 4, 1973
Publication Date
November 12, 1974
MacDonald Thomas Richard
Dority John P
Grace Kenneth T
Nikolai Thomas J
Sperry Rand Corporation
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G06f 13/08
G06f 07/28
G06F 12/08
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