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A connector for attachment to the end of a coaxial cable having a core electrode and a conductive sheath electrode which includes a housing having an integral tubular skirt formed from four rearwardly extending tongues collectively formed with a rearwardly facing external cam surface. A tubular cap formed with a forwardly facing internal cam surface for engagement with the external cam surfaces of the skirt screws on to the housing so that interaction of the cam surfaces causes the tongues to be flexed radially inwardly into gripping engagement with the sheath electrode of a cable disclosed within the connector for electrical contact therewith. A radially inwardly compressible and electrically conductive collet sleeve coaxially disposed within the housing is adapted to receive the core electrode of the said cable and to be radially inwardly compressed by an electrically insulating compressible bushing disposed about the collet sleeve. The bushing has diametrically opposed projections extending through the tubular skirt defining rearwardly facing external cam surfaces for engagement by a second forwardly facing internal cam surface formed in the tubular cap such that radially inward movement is concurrently transmitted to the bushing and collet sleeve for simultaneous gripping of the core electrode and sheath electrode without any torsional shearing action between the said electrodes.

Cable connector
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April 5, 1973
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November 5, 1974
Nepovim Zdenek
Lindsay Specialty Products
H01r 17/04
H01R 09/05
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