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Apparatus for evaluating an athletic performance against a predetermined performance characterized by a plurality of lights for affording a visual indication to an observer of the progress of the predetermined performance and displayed so as to be comparable to the athletic performance being evaluated; a settable central control for sequentially energizing the lights responsive to the predetermined performance set into the central control and elapsed time; and a communication link between the central control and the lights. Also disclosed are embodiments which include: (1) a pair of setting dials are included for setting in two separate performance times and operating in either a continuous or sequence mode to allow one or more paces to be employed in training; (2) a variety of other options, such as interrupting temporarily the output to the lights; (3) preferred logic apparatus and construction appropriate to the environment and the observer, be he spectator, training athelete or health enthusiast; and (4) apparatus enabling optimum training of an individual as determined by his physiological response.

Apparatus for evaluating athletic performance
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December 13, 1972
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November 5, 1974
Bessette Robert C
Wofford Felsman Fails & Zobal
H04b 01/00
A63B 71/06
A61B 05/24
A61B 05/00
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