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A vehicle according to the present invention is provided with a plurality of legs with which it 'walks' rather than rolls across either soft or rough terrain. The legs are carried by a pair of wheel-like drive elements generally referred to as wheels. One of the wheels is rotatably mounted on the vehicle and the other is rotatable about an axis disposed eccentrically with respect to the axis of the first wheel. The legs are pivotally secured to each of the wheels and remain substantially vertical at all times during revolving thereof as the vehicle traverses across the terrain, thereby allowing the legs to enter and exit soft terrain in substantially vertical condition to prevent the application of excessive bending moments to the legs. For application of the vehicle to soft terrain, such as flooded rice fields and the like, the legs are each equipped with feet that normally define a substantially thin silhouette and expand to increase the load supporting cross section thereof upon entering soft soil, such as mud, and engaging firmer subsoil.

Vehicle for rough and muddy terrain
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October 16, 1972
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November 5, 1974
James Jesse C
Ford William E
Martin Charles D
B62d 57/02
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