3843916 is referenced by 28 patents and cites 8 patents.

An electronic apparatus for the mass production of masks for integrated circuits, comprises a master mask arranged in an evacuated chamber. In response to diffuse ultra-violet radiation, it emits from its transparent areas electrons which are focussed by uniform electric and magnetic fields which are parallel to one another. The master mask is positioned in relation to the wafer being printed, by means of piezoelectric elements which receive supply voltage increments produced following the illumination of two pairs of markers respectively arranged on the master mask and the wafer.

Motor control for the production of masks for subminiaturised circuits
Application Number
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July 6, 1972
Publication Date
October 22, 1974
Fay Bernard
Guillot Georges
Trotel Jacques
Cushman Darby & Cushman
Thomson CSF
G05b 01/06
H01L 21/00
H01J 37/305
H01J 37/304
H01J 37/317
H01J 37/30
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