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An automatically controlled electrical system controls a plurality of loads in the functions of load resetting, logical control, load sequencing, overload evaluation, and load shedding with single point control. A data entry and display means provides a manual interface with the system. The system utilizes remotely controlled power switching and circuit protective devices. A small general purpose computer is used to effect control functions by, preferably, multiplexed control signals. The computer directs the control signals to and from the appropriate switching devices and it also provides capability to program for automatic control, sequencing and self-checkout functions.

Electrical system with programmed computer control and manually initiated control means
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July 24, 1973
Publication Date
October 15, 1974
Thaxton Larry W
Lyman Richard C
Gordon Frank J
Geyer Manvel A
Telfer G H
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
G06f 15/56
B60R 16/02
H02J 13/00
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