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Reduction of radial runout of a tire tread is combined with reduction of variation of radial force exerted by the tire on a load roll representing a road surface. The variations (i.e., in force and/or in runout) are measured by known electronic circuitry which also provide signals used to regulate the amount of and determine the location of material to be removed from the tire by grinding. Reduction of force variation is made by grinding wheels positioned to remove material at the lateral edges or outer ribs of the tire. Radial runout is reduced by a single concave surface wheel positioned to remove material from the tread between the lateral edges thereof.The foregoing abstract is not to be taken as limiting the invention of this application, and in order to understand the full nature and extent of the technical disclosure of this application, reference must be made to the accompanying drawing and the following detailed description.

Tire manufacturing
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April 4, 1974
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October 15, 1974
Vandale Leonard A
Braden William D
Appleby Paul E
Washburn R S
Brunner F W
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
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