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An anti-glare rear view mirror includes a meltable medium contained between a front clear glass element and a rear reflectorized glass element. The medium has a high optical transmission when melted and a lower transmission when solidified. An operator controlled heating element melts the contained medium to provide maximum transmission and reflectivity for 'day' driving mode. Deenergizing the heating element allows solidification of the medium to provide a lower transmission and reflectivity for a 'night' driving mode.

Anti-glare rear view mirror incorporating a meltable thermoplastic material
Application Number
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September 4, 1973
Publication Date
October 8, 1974
Everhart Vaughn D
Griffin Henry W
Sachtjen Peter D
General Motors Corporation
G02b 07/18
B60r 01/04
G02F 01/01
B60R 01/68
B60R 01/62
B60R 01/08
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