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A method and apparatus for deep-fat cooking of comestibles in which the comestibles are immersed in a bath of a hot cooking medium maintained in a cooking vessel in which the heated medium is being continuously changed while cooking is taking place by flowing the heated medium into the bath and through and around the comestibles, overflowing it from the surface of the bath into a heating reservoir and reheating and recirculating it in a manner so as to sweep from the bath loose particles of comestibles so as to maintain the bath at the required cooking temperature. The overflow of the heated medium is filtered to remove the loose particles of comestibles before the medium is reheated and returned to the bath, and a small quantity of the oil is continuously drained from the cooking vessel during cooking operation and completely drained from the vessel when the cooking operation is stopped so as to return the cooking medium to the heating reservoir.

Apparatus for cooking comestibles
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June 20, 1973
Publication Date
October 8, 1974
Palmason Einar H
Brumbaugh Graves Donohue & Raymond
Parkson Industrial Equipment Company
A47j 37/12
A47J 37/12
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