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A drill bit for abrasive jet drilling of wells having a plurality of nozzles extending through the bottom of the bit in position to discharge high velocity jet streams that erode a plurality of concentric grooves in the bottom of the borehole. Each of a plurality of generally sectorially shaped face plates of abrasive resistant material has a wedge extending over the full width of the face plate positioned to ride on the ridge on each side of a groove cut by the stream discharged from a nozzle in a different face plate.

Drill bit for abrasive jet drilling
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August 20, 1973
Publication Date
October 1, 1974
Juvkam Wold Hans C
Gulf Research & Development Company
E21b 07/18
E21B 10/00
E21B 10/56
E21B 10/60
E21B 10/46
E21B 07/18
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