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A multi-product fluid swivel assembly for handling more than one cargo flow at a time, for use in single anchor leg mooring systems where deballasting to shore is required, where bunkering is desired, or where it is desired to handle more than one product simultaneously. The fluid swivel assembly includes a plurality of concentric passageways for handling simultaneous fluid flow. Concentric and integral with male and female race rings of the fluid swivel joint are a plurality of seal rings separated from the bearing rings by means of webs. The webs include a plurality of holes in a concentric pattern around a bore to form the concentric paths for fluid flow. Seals and the seal rings separate the bore from the concentric passage fluid flow paths.

Multi-product swivel joint
Application Number
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Application Date
January 2, 1973
Publication Date
October 1, 1974
Pedersen Kristen I
Beazley Raymond A
Flory John F
Paris F Donald
Esso Research and Engineering Company
B65b 03/04
B63B 22/02
B63B 22/00
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