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A flexible coupling wherein the jaws of one flange are normally interdigitated with the jaws of the other flange to form substantially cylindrical chambers for reception of elastically deformable cylindrical inserts which transmit torque between the flanges when one flange rotates to drive the other flange. At least one of the flanges has a hub and a rim which is separably connected to the hub by screws and can be moved, upon removal of screws, with the respective jaws in a direction away from the jaws of the other flange to thus permit convenient withdrawal of the inserts. The inserts are connected to a split ring which can pass over the hub when the latter is separated from the rim.

Flexible coupling
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March 7, 1973
Publication Date
September 24, 1974
Barth Harald
Striker Michael S
F16d 03/64
F16D 03/50
F16D 03/68
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