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A windshield wiper assembly including a wiper arm, a flexible wiping blade and a blade superstructure for operatively supporting the blade, and a connecting element adapted to detachably secure the subassembly consisting of the blade and the blade superstructure upon one end of the wiper arm, the connecting element comprising first and second integral attachment sections operatively connected to the arm and the superstructure and being of a molded, one-piece construction fabricated of a corrosion resistant polymeric material.

Windshield wiper construction
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May 4, 1972
Publication Date
September 24, 1974
Van Eekelen Alex Herman A M
Hoebrechts Albert J G
VAN DEN Berg Johan H
Harness Dickey & Pierce
Monroe Belgium
B60s 01/40
B60S 01/38
B60S 01/40
B60S 01/32
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