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A cable sealant to seal the voids between the strands of electrical and similar cables to prevent water flow through same and to seal the cable elements from the atmosphere. The preferred cable sealant composition comprises about 10 percent by weight ethylene propylene rubber copolymer, about 40 percent discrete particles of butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber copolymer, about 15 percent polypropylene, about 11 percent polyethylene, about 10 percent paraffin wax and about 13 percent liquid parafinnic hydrocarbons. About 1 percent of colorant such as iron oxide is normally added to this composition, which is blended to form the cable sealant.A method of sealing cable by filling the voids between cable strands with the above composition at a temperature preferably in the range between 225.degree. and 275.degree.F.

Cable sealant composition and method of sealing cable
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September 4, 1973
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September 17, 1974
Wood James E
Strecker Larry A
Arvidson Philip R
Inmont Corporation
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