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The present invention relates generally to improvements in grommets of the type adapted to accommodate cables and more particularly to grommets adapted to sealingly encircle a cable and designed for assembly after the cable has been mounted in position. The present invention has a very practical application for use with a hood release cable which traverses the fire wall of an automobile. The sealing and strain relief grommet disclosed herein includes a pair of similar hingedly connected plastic sections, each of said sections presenting a peripheral surface conforming substantially with one half of a cone periphery. Sealer sections for engaging one side of a work piece or panel are secured as a unit to complementary flange sections of the plastic half conical sections. Yieldable abutment means associated with the plastic half sections serve to resist axial dislodgment of the grommet after complete insertion thereof within a panel aperture.

Cable sealing grommet
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September 26, 1973
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September 17, 1974
Koscik Richard Allen
Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse
Illinois Tool Works
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H02G 03/06
F16J 15/02
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