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The output circuit of an electric stimulator is connected to an organ such as the heart through a coupling capacitor. A semiconductor switch is triggered with a short pulse so that it partly discharges the capacitor and stimulates the organ. Immediately following the turn off of the first switch, a second switch is activated to recharge the capacitor to its initial state during which time reverse current is delivered momentarily to the heart. In one embodiment, after the first switch turns off to terminate the discharge of the capacitor which stimulates the heart, the current through the heart is reversed immediately by recharging the capacitor through a diode which is connected to a supply line and is in series with the capacitor and the heart. Turn-off of the first switch starts the diode conducting heavily. A high input impedance detector determines whether there is a natural electric signal on the organ and turns on a generator which provides the trigger pulse if there is no natural signal. The circuit is arranged so that the detector and output circuit present a high impedance to the organ.

Body organ stimulator
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July 7, 1972
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September 17, 1974
Bowers David Lee
Wiviott Fred
Hohenfeldt Ralph G
General Electric Company
A61n 01/36
A61N 01/365
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