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A travelling wave amplifier of signals in the millimeter wavelength range consists of a monolithic solid state waveguide structure wherein space harmonics of the input electromagnetic energy wave (signals) are generated due to periodic corrugations of the guide's top surface. The waveguide structure includes a current conductive layer supportive of a stream of electrons with an electron velocity v.sub.e, the stream of electrons being located where the amplitude of the spatial first harmonic is a maximum. The corrugation periodicity L is selected so that the equality v.sub.e = K (.omega./2.pi.) L is satisified. In the equality, .omega. is the angular frequency of the input wave and K is a factor which is not less than and on the order of one.

Monolithic solid state travelling wave tunable amplifier and oscillator
Application Number
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May 21, 1973
Publication Date
September 10, 1974
Gover Avraham
Yariv Amnon
Lindenberg Freilich Wasserman Rosen & Fernandez
California Institute of Technology
H03f 03/04
H03F 03/54
H03F 03/55
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