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.alpha.-Cyanobenzyl cyclopropanecarboxylates of the formula, ##SPC1##Wherein A is oxygen atom or methylene group, R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are respectively hydrogen atom, a halogen atom or a lower alkyl group, R.sub.3 is hydrogen atom or methyl group, R.sub.4 is hydrogen atom, methyl group, phenyl group or ##SPC2##In which R.sub.5 is hydrogen atom or methyl group, and R.sub.6 is hydrogen atom, methyl group, methoxycarbonyl group, or methoxymethyl group, or R.sub.5 and R.sub.6 are combined each other at the ends to form a polymethylene group, provided that R.sub.4 is methyl group when R.sub.3 is methyl group, and m and n are respectively an integer of 1 to 3, which are useful for controlling insects and mites.

Alpha-cyanobenzyl cyclopropanecarboxylates
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June 26, 1972
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September 10, 1974
Kitamura Shigeyoshi
Ohno Nobuo
Mizutani Toshio
Okuno Yositosi
Itaya Nobushige
Matsuo Takashi
Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher
Sumitomo Chemical Company
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C07C 69/74
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C07C 67/10
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