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A laparoscopy system for female sterilization whereby a single unit contains the power source to provide illumination, oscillatory electrical power and CO.sub.2 for a laparoscopy. CO.sub.2 gas, under pressure, is first passed into the body through a needle into the peritoneal cavity. The fallopian tubes are identified and then the laparoscope, which contains a telescope connected to a source of illumination, is inserted into the body cavity. A flexible forceps is, thereafter, inserted through the laparoscope into the body cavity. The forceps is manipulated to successively close the passage through each fallopian tube, either by means of sending electrical oscillations through the forceps to simultaneously cut, seal and cauterize each tube in turn, or by means of a specific clamp which clamps the passage shut.

Laparoscopy system
Application Number
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February 1, 1973
Publication Date
September 10, 1974
Knepshield William R
Lampman Russell A
Jacobs Arthur A
A61b 17/36
A61M 13/00
A61B 18/12
A61B 17/42
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