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A holder for tubular items, particularly equipment used during intravenous injections, such as infusion tubing or the hub of an injection cannula, comprises a strip of adhesively-backed tape and a longitudinally split, elongate, cylindrical, clamping tube of flexible and preferably resilient plastic material securely attached to the top of the tape. A latch for positively keeping the clamping tube closed about a received item may be provided, preferably in the form of a securement flap attached to the clamping tube at one side thereof and interlocking means having component parts attached, respectively, to the securement flap and at the opposite side of the clamping tube. For holding both an injection cannula and infusion tubing during the administering of an intravenous liquid, two or more clamping tubes may be provided in juxtaposed position on a single piece of tape.

Holder for intravenous injection cannula and tubing
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November 15, 1972
Publication Date
September 10, 1974
Boyd William A
Mallinckrodt Philip A
A61m 25/02
A61m 05/00
A61M 25/02
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