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Acentral processing unit coupled to one or more remote automatic dispensing terminal banking machines provides fully automatic stations for completing banking functions in response to a coded credit card presented to any one of the remote dispensing stations. After the credit card presented to one of the remote terminals has been initially checked to determine if the card has the proper format, coded information thereon is evaluated to check the users identity prior to authorizing them to complete a selected banking transaction. When each of several standard checks of the credit card code have been completed, a user is instructed to enter a transaction selection, comprising one of four banking functions, along with the amount of the banking transaction. At this point the remote terminal assembles an authorization request message and, upon receipt of a poll command from the central processing unit, transmits this inquiry message to a central computer. The central computer interrogates account files as appropriate and replies by transmitting an authorization reply message to the remote terminal. An authorization code included in this message by the central computer instructs the remote terminal how to complete the selected transaction. Following completion of the selected transaction, the remote terminal assembles a completion status message, and upon receipt of a poll command from the central processing unit, transmits this completion message to the central computer. Communications between the central processing unit and each of the remote terminals is thus completed only upon a poll command from the central computer.

Automatic banking system
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May 24, 1973
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September 3, 1974
Chang Jack Chu Wang
Gentile Fred J
Richards Harris & Medlock
Docutel Corporation
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