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Printing and duplicating are carried out utilizing the thermoremanent magnetization of a magnetic thin film. Information is stored by heating the film above its Curie temperature and allowing it to cool in a small magnetic field. A copy of the latent image is made by coating the magnetized areas of the film with a magnetic ink and transferring the ink to paper. The film is locally heated by selective heating with a light source, preferably a laser.

Non-impact, curie point printer
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January 19, 1973
Publication Date
August 27, 1974
Meiklejohn William H
Berkowitz Ami E
Squillaro Jerome C
Cohen Joseph T
Wille Paul F
General Electric Company
H01v 03/04
G02b 17/00
G01d 15/12
G03G 19/00
G06K 15/14
G06K 15/02
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