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A vehicle occupant restraint belt retractor including a metallic locking member gravity biased to an unlocked position out of engagement with annular ratchet configurations on metallic end plates of the retractor belt reel to allow unwinding belt rotation of the reel. An inertia member responsive to abrupt horizontal vehicle acceleration or deceleration moves the locking member to a locked position in engagement with radial locking surfaces of the ratchet configurations so as to prevent belt unwinding rotation of the reel. Plastic disks carried by the reel alongside the end plates include cushioning portions which prevent metal-to-metal engagement between the locking member and connecting surfaces of the ratchet configurations that extend generally circumferentially of the reel between the inner and outer ends of adjacent locking surfaces. The plastic cushioning portions thus mitigate rattling noise of the retractor when vertical acceleration pulses move the locking member to locked position, such as during use of the retractor on a vehicle negotiating a bumpy road.

Restraint belt retractor
Application Number
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May 21, 1973
Publication Date
August 27, 1974
Griffin Henry W
Kushman J A
General Motors Corporation
B65h 63/04
A62b 35/02
B60R 22/34
B60R 22/40
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