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An apparatus and method for removing a measured portion of insulation from the end of a miniature solid-jacketed, coaxial cable, the apparatus including a spray chamber having an orifice containing a hermetic seal assembly for the insertion and support of the end of the cable, a precisely adjustable stop member for determining the length of cable to be inserted into the chamber, a spray assembly for applying etchant to the inserted portion, a switch in the face of the stop member for automatically actuating the spray assembly upon insertion of the proper length of the cable into the chamber and an adjustable timing mechanism for controlling the amount of etchant applied to remove the metal sheath. The exposed dielectric insulation is thermally removed, and the conductor cleaned and trimmed to the desired length.

Apparatus for stripping coaxial cable
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
September 20, 1972
Publication Date
August 20, 1974
Paulin Howard Douglas
Hall Charles S
Chung Edmund M
Klein Alan Petlin
Burroughs Corporation
C23f 01/02
H02G 01/12
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