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A remotely-operated control for an electrical pulse generating means, such as a cardiac pacer including timing means controlling the generation of pulses and signal responsive means for resetting the timing means in response to a ventricular electrical signal. A remote, portable transmitter selectively generates a plurality, preferably about three, radio frequency signals having different envelope durations, the signal of longest duration being a continuous or carrier wave signal. Coupled to the pulse generator or pacer is a circuit responsive to the radio frequency signals which rectifies, detects and filters them to produce corresponding command signals. Two of the command signals corresponding to the relatively shorter r.f. signals can be applied to the pacer oscillator in a manner increasing or decreasing the rate of pulse generation. The command corresponding to the continuous r.f. signal can be utilized to temporarily inhibit operation of the pacer signal responsive means to check the viability of this function. In addition, this command signal can be applied to a switching means to reduce the capacitance in the timing means to in turn reduce the width of the pacer output pulses for testing the patient's response to reduced energy pulses. In addition, this same command signal can be applied to a semi-conductor switching means for reducing the gain of the amplifier in the ventricular signal responsive means for testing the sensitivity thereof.

Rate controller and checker for a cardiac pacer pulse generator means
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December 11, 1972
Publication Date
August 20, 1974
Greatbatch Wilson
Rappaport Irving S
Sivertson Wayne A
A61n 01/36
A61N 01/365
A61N 01/372
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