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A laser ophthalmoscope is disclosed comprising a pulse laser the radiation of which passes through a light-guide system and an aiming system so as to be directed to the opthalmologic object which is observed with the help of an illumination system. The light-guide system comprises a light-adding means, a mirror and a rotary focusing element which are sequentially mounted along the path of the laser beam and secured on a body hinge-coupled with the mount of the ophthalmoscope. The illumination system comprises a laser source of coherent radiation secured on the same body and operating at a wavelength close to that of the pulse laser. The mirror is mounted so that it can rotate about two orthogonal axes one of which coincides with the direction of the laser beam incident on the mirror; the rotary focusing element can rotate about the axis which coincides with the direction of the laser beam incident on the element, and the laser source of coherent radiation is mounted so that its beam is combined with that of the pulse laser in the light-adding device.

Laser opthalmoscope
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November 24, 1972
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August 13, 1974
Batrukova Maria Grigorievna
Saprykin Pavel Ivanovich
Prozorov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Malyshev Boris Nikolaevich
Stelmakh Mitrofan Fedorovich
Krasnov Mikhail Mikhailovich
Holman & Stern
A61b 17/36
B23K 26/06
A61F 09/07
A61F 09/09
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