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An ocular device for the controlled and continuous administration of a predetermined dosage of drug to the eye comprising a body of microporous drug release rate controlling material which is insoluble in tear fluid, the pores of which are filled with a medium permeable to the passage of drug by diffusion. The body contains a reservoir of drug formulation confined therein which is of limited solubility in the medium, and is of a shape which is adapted for insertion and retention in the sac of the eye bounded by the surfaces of the bulbar conjunctiva of the sclera of the eyeball and the palpebral conjunctiva of the lid. The body continuously meters the flow of a therapeutically effective amount of drug to the eye and surrounding tissues at a controlled and reproducible rate over a prolonged period of time. The device is so constructed that the metering is determined by the rate of diffusion of drug in the diffusive medium.

Microporous ocular device
Application Number
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November 8, 1971
Publication Date
August 13, 1974
Ness Richard A
Sabatine Paul L
Mandell Edward L
Ciotti Thomas E
Alza Corporation
A61m 31/00
A61F 09/00
A61K 09/00
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