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A disposable medical electrode comprising a support member made of a closed cell plastic material having an adhesive surface. A centrally located contact element is embedded therein so as to leave an exposed portion thereof at the adhesive side of the support member. A smaller pad member made up of an open cell plastic material is adhered to the adhesive surface of the support member at a position opposite to and in contact with the exposed portion of the contact element. In use, the pad member has a conductive gel dispersed throughout so that when the electrode is placed against the skin of a patient a good conductive path is present from the skin through the gelled pad to the contact element.

Disposable medical electrode
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August 14, 1972
Publication Date
August 13, 1974
Krasnow David L
Dike Bronstein Roberts & Cushman
Jet Medical Products
A61b 05/04
A61B 05/408
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